Our background

Thanks to an optimum network of warehouses and sophisticated logistic system, we guarantee a delivery of product to our customers within 3 days anywhere in the Czech Republic (if the goods are in stock).
All the documents required can be found on the Internet - our catalogue is unique and one of its kind on the Czech market with primary chemicals!
Our people have the right education, experience and enthusiasm to provide our customers with professional services.

Warehousing and packaging
Our warehouses are equipped for and ready to stock solid and liquid chemicals, and have sufficient capacities for use to be able to respond immediately to our customer´s needs.
This year, we are preparing a development of new warehousing facilities combustible substances.
Tanks, filling stations, special-purpose areas and others all meet the applicable "chemical" regulations and principles of safety and environmental protection.
Digital weighting ensures precise packaging.
We offer flexible packaging options (bags, small and large barrels, containers of 600 l and 1000 l, tank cars, railway tanks, and other kinds of packaging as requested by the customer).

Transport and logistics
Our warehouses have an access to a railway spur track, and handling and warehousing machinery.
All our vehicles have the equipment for chemicals transport as per the ADR international standards.
We have been developing an economic and efficient system of distribution on the routes between the warehouses. Our route system allows for supplying goods to a number of customers and at the same time pick up empty packaging.

The OQEMA team has about 99 employees, 35 of which are in direct touch with customers.
Sales representatives are present all over the Czech Republic, having close links and understanding of each customer?s specific situation.
Office managers at all warehouse look after smooth processing of orders.
Marketing officers, in cooperation with the sales department, proactively study the needs and expectations of customers and based on their conclusions make adjustments to the range of services offered. In cooperation with the renowned agency of Factum-Invenio, regular surveys of customer satisfaction are carried out.
Commodity managers purchase products all over the world and work on strengthening ties with suppliers thanks to which we are the exclusive importer of some products for the Czech Republic. The expert knowledge of our commodity managers is useful in consulting some problems and wishes of our customers.

Our website (that you are right now looking at :-) features a full catalogue, together with all documents and information for download? this is a unique phenomenon on the Czech market with primary chemicals.