Basic information

Welcome to the REACH-point of OQEMA, s.r.o.

The introduction of the REACH legislation brings about an important change in the operations of the chemical industry and related segments throughout the European Union. The REACH regulation (standing for Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals) that became effective as of June 1, 2007 under no. 1907/2006 and is applicable to chemical substances alone, but also contained in a preparation or object (if chemicals are intentionally released) and stipulates new rules of trading chemicals.

Goals of the REACH-point

OQEMA, s.r.o. as a distributor of chemicals is required to meet the REACH requirements. The implementation of the new legislation is based on information sharing within the supply chain. The goal of the REACH-point is to provide an effective tool of providing such information to all the involved parties, including suppliers, customers or just people looking for detail information concerning the REACH legislation.

What we offer to our customers
  • A qualified team experienced with purchasing, selling, environmental protection and safety
  • Compliance with registration obligations for all the substances supplied for which registration is required
  • Supplier’s certificate of compliance with REACH requirements (see the downloads)
  • Professional consulting concerning many aspects of REACH
  • Assistance with drafting exposition scenarios

What we offer to our suppliers
  • Open communication and support with REACH implementation
  • Cooperation with risk and safety system evaluation
  • Assistance with the import of chemicals
  • Support with development of other uses of chemicals

Purpose of the REACH-point
  • Effective communication tool across the supply chain
  • Your information source for updates on the REACH and other legislation applicable to the chemical industry
  • Your guide to REACH and related FAQs (see FAQs)
  • Folder with documents describing safe handling of chemicals (safety date sheets, exposition scenarios, and others)