Corporate profile


Company OQEMA, s.r.o. was established in the year 1992 as EURO - Šarm spol. s r.o. and at the present time it is ranked among the leading distributors of industrial chemicals and chemical specialties within the frame of Czech Republic as well as Slovakia.


As a part of a strong international distributor group OQEMA AG based in Germany we specialize in deliveries of chemicals destined for under mentioned branches of industry:

  • Production of chemicals
  • Colour and varnish production
  • Production of cleansing articles and consumer chemistry  
  • Pharmaceutical industry and cosmetics
  • Conditioning of drinkable, utilitarian and wastewater
  • Surface treatment of metals
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Paper and wood pulp production
  • Food-processing industry
  • Glasswork and ceramics
  • Textile industry
  • Agriculture
  • Building industries


There is produced following in our operating division in Sokolov:

  • Medicinal substance Hydrogenium peroxidatum concentratum 30 % which we deliver with certificate SVP for the field of health service.
  • Antiseptic agents of the brand PERSTERIL ® destined for the health care, foodstuff industry as well as agriculture.
  • Hydrogen peroxide (in cleanness: technical, p.a., VLSI) and acid vinegar (in cleanness: technical, pure for analysis, pure for analysis waterless, PV).


Thanks to our readiness to adopt ourselves to your demands as well as reliability of our deliveries there are more than 3 000 customers yearly using our service.

You are not among them yet? Reach us with your demand. It will be a pleasure for us to introduce you our competitive advantages and benefits which will help you to achieve success.

We look forward to you!


We have solvency certifikace (SOLIDITET), what means, that we cover liabilities in time.

OQEMA in figures (2018):

Product sales: CZK 1,220 mld.
Volume of products sold: 97 300 tons
Number of employees: 100