EUROŠarm was established in September 1992 as a small enterprise with a wide range of activities (petrochemicals, chemicals, paper packaging, round timber, agricultural commodities, etc.)

A brief history:

  • First deliveries of chemicals in railway tanks (first of all sodium hydroxide).

  • Delivery of chemicals in tank cars.
  • The range of products include primary inorganic chemicals: sodium hydroxide, hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, etc.

1996 - 1998
  • The position of a dominant importer of sodium hydroxide in the Czech Republic.
  • A sharp increase in the market share of primary chemicals.
  • Further development of cooperation with suppliers from the Czech and Slovak Republics, Poland and West Europe.
  • Other business objectives achieved: agricultural commodities trading, paper packaging, smelting products, and bunker oil was one of our feature products.

  • Warehousing facilities for chemicals in Slatiňany (the Chrudim region) and Mrzkovice (the Havlíčkův Brod region) were acquired.
  • The range of supplied chemicals was extended by smaller packaging (bottles, barrels, containers).
  • A marked increase in the number of employees.
  • A reduction in the market share of bunker oil for legislative and technological reasons.

  • A period of intensive development of customer base.
  • The range of product was extended (inorganic salts, organic acids, chlorinated hydrocarbon, etc.).
  • Development of small size distribution warehouse in Brno and Šenov u Ostravy.
  • Accession to the Association of Chemical Industry of the Czech Republic, and the Association of Chemical Traders and Distributors of the Czech Republic.
  • Two core business objectives: chemicals distribution, and agricultural commodities trading.

  • The range of products was extended by organic dissolving agents for the industry of paint and varnish production (acetone, toluene, xylene, etc.).
  • The Mrzkovice warehouse was closed (as it was too far from the Slatiňany central warehouse).
  • A single core business objective: chemicals distribution (the business of agricultural commodities trading was shifted to a newly established company).

2002 - 2004
  • An increase in sales and the market share.
  • The range of products grows.
  • The company received the ČSN - ISO 9001:2000 quality control certificate.

  • A marked expansion of the range of product - besides chemicals, the company started focusing on trading special supplements for livestock production (agrospecialties).
  • The team of sales representatives grew - getting us closer to customers.
  • The team of commodity (product) managers grew - being better acquainted with their area, developing strong links with suppliers, assisting customers in solving their problems.

  • Acquisition of our former competitor PPD Chemicals (we are a 100% owner).
  • Broadening our range of products: pigments, fragrances for industrial applications.
  • Customer segmentation - quality and targeted customer care.
  • Representation in Slovakia (Slovchema Distribution) - turnover growth by 61%.
  • A new website at http://www.eurosarm.eu/ - an easy-to-navigate catalogue with documentation.
  • Microsoft CRM introduction.



  • Company´s 15 years anniversary.
  • Customer relation management – implementation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0.
  • Opening of the central store rebuilding, first stage, in Slatiňany.
  • Engaging an expert in the field of REACH problems – legislation, changes in documentation etc.



  • Implementation of HelpDesk – a system for more effective evaluation as well as solution of employee´s user problems.
  • Software for dispatching – control of all transport types excepting carriage by rail.



  • Delivery advice management – automated forwarding of information concerning order status towards the consumers. It is carried out in demonstrable and truthful way.
  • Product line expanding.



  • New version of web sites www.eurosarm.cz – better arranged catalogue with documentation.
  • REACH point - upcoming and well-arranged information resulting from REACH–legislation.
  • Portal for prominent customers - complete, up-to-date and well-arranged information describing customer´s merchandising with company Eurošarm.



  • We finished the consolidation project of corporation OVERLACK spol. s r.o. with corporation EURO – Šarm. It was carried out in the way of “Intrastate amalgamation of two firms”, fusion determining day was the 1.1.2011.
  • We became a member of a strong international group Overlack AG.
  • We achieved a significant growth of market share, especially within the area of West Bohemia, where we began to make use of the storehouse in Plzeň.
  • There we have installed a new sodium hypochlorite tank in the said storehouse and we have also reconstructed the sodium hydroxide tank here.
  • We have also launched the realization of the project called “Education of EURO-Šarm company staff” which is co-financed from the EU grant platform.
  • We have taken over certificate as well as right to use the logo Responsible Care – Responsible trading in the field of chemicals.



  • Compared with the year 2011 we achieved a figure 75 % in earnings growth in the sphere of special chemicals business.
  • We have completed the first stage of complex reconstruction the central warehouse in Slatiňany which included building of a warehousing hall for solid chemicals of the classes III to IV.
  • We have also launched the project called “Decontamination of old environmental load in the area of the (Euro-Šarm) company”, this project is expected to contribute largely to environment improvement.
  • We have completed the 2-years project “Education of EURO-Šarm company staff” co-financed from the EU-program. This project was focused on further education and vocational training including the field of language education, commercialism, PC-skills as well as education in the field of human resources and company ecology and behaviour.



  • Compared with the year 2012 we increase incomes from through us producing products in Sokolov about 40 %.
  • For optimising of logistic rear we decided to abandon the rented store in Brno. Delivery of goods for consumers from Brno areas was newly realized from the central store in Slatiňany.
  • There was approved the first period of central store complex reconstruction in Slatiňany. The new store has general extent of 2 400 m2 and capacity of 4 000 palette seats. 
  • We continued to prepare the second period of central store complex reconstruction, which shall be focussed on increasing capacities of combustible liquids of I. and II. class to be held in storage. 
  • We have installed a new warming tanks for holding in storage the sodium hydroxide solution.
  • In the area of IT prepared of implementation of new ERP SAP-system.