Information about the portal and REACH



What are the benefits?

To make your work simpler and to save your time – Now, there is an easy and fast way of accessing your information - immediately after signing up you will see your up-to-date data. Placing an order for goods and arranging for a pick-up of packaging is now just a few clicks away. Updates about your order status will be sent automatically to your email.

Efficient decision-making - We offer a comprehensive information service about our current offers and services, prices and delivery terms. On the OQEMA website you can find all the product documentation as for instance product specifications, certificates and the like.

Complete and clear records - All the business records are now arranged in a clear structure - previous orders, invoices, contacts, claims, etc.

What is the portal?
The site where customers can find comprehensive, up-to-date and clearly arranged information about their transactions with OQEMA, e.g.
  • information about orders and delivery processing;
  • documents related to deliveries as certificates, safety data sheet, invoices;
  • information about the status of loaned containers and arranging for their return to OQEMA;
  • always up-to-date and with a clear price structure;
  • a full offer of OQEMA’s goods and services.

The data quality on the portal is facilitated by modern information technologies, automated control and corresponding corporate procedures.

Who is the portal for?
It is meant for large and medium-sized customers who are serviced by our sales representatives and who benefit from special price offers.

How to gain access to the portal?
Ask your sales representative.


Our experts monitor the development of the REACH legislation legislation and are ready to give their advice in this area to all our customers.

An easy and quick access to all the documents required by the legislation - You will find all the documents required under the REACH legislation at one source.

We publish news and answer the frequently asked questions and function as a finger-post for the chemical legislation.

What is the REACH point?
  • A site where our experts will provide you with up-to-date and clear information about the requirements under the REACH legislation.
  • A site where your answers about the REACH-related issues will be answered by experts.
  • A site where you can download all the REACH-related documents as the supplier’s statements, a list of exceptions from registration, safety data sheets, etc.

Who is it for?
  • For all our customers.
  • Our best customers may benefit from special consulting services.

How to gain access?
At this phase, the information on our website is available to all our customers.