"EURO - Šarm" is changing to OQEMA


Dear Sir, Madam,

EURO – Šarm, as well as all companies within Overlack Group, will, from 1st January 2018, operate throughout Europe under the brand OQEMA. Our new brand reflects the vision of our European future: We would like to expand our position as one of the leading distributors of chemical specialities, commodities and services in Europe.

The important thing is that we will be continuing our business just as before. We are changing our name only – but not ourselves and our ways. Such change of external appearance will enable us to move forward even further in the European direction. OQEMA still remains a family-owned company and our internal structures as well as contacts to our staff remain the same. All our companies will also remain deeply anchored in their respective regional markets in the future.

The most important pillar for our strategy is growth. We follow the strategy of buying and building for years to come, consisting of both acquisitions on the European market and, above all, organic growth through satisfied suppliers, customers and partners. The name OQEMA expresses the method by which we aim to achieve this:

  • OQEMA represents maximum flexibility. Our employees are doing everything they can to ensure companies using chemicals, fast and reliable supply of chemical products in the required quantity, at any place and at the right time. That has always been the case, and so it will remain in the future. For this reason, we have retained "O" from the Overlackgroup as the "recognition factor".

  • OQEMA stands for chemistry: “QEM”. And this is what is always inherently connected with us.We do everything possible to always find the right distribution solution, simplify processes and create high added value for our customers. This is what our employees personally strive for – each and every day.

  • OQEMA also means "All over Europe". This geographic specification is reflected in the letter "A".

As OQEMA, we strive to influence and shape the chemicals distribution market in the long term. We greatly appreciate the fact that we are able to achieve this together with you, highly valued partners.

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Kind regards,

Oldřich Zahradník