A new website presentation!

Our objective is to provide you with clear and useful information.

The former website presentation included a product catalogue of unique quality (compared with other distributors of primary chemicals in the Czech Republic).

Now, you can access an improved and easy-to-navigate version of the catalogue.

And this is only a beginning? We are planning to do much more.

We are aiming at turning into an information databank for our customers.

In the future, you will find here not only details about our products, but also information about you relationship with our company.

Our website is being developed for you ? our customers.

Please, let us know your comments about this website.

We would very much appreciate your ideas what should be done with the website.

Put differently ? what would you like to find on this website?

We are convinced that together we will be able to develop a website bringing you the information you need.

Saving your time.

And we all know that time is money.